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The Story

Creating Moments That Last a Lifetime

Classic Event and Solutions was birth out of a painful childhood memory. At the age of 16 years old Chiquitta’s Mother wanted to fulfill her daughter’s special birthday wish, by giving her a birthday event of her dream. However, Chiquitta’s birthday dream did not come to pass because her mother couldn’t find any event planner that fit her budget. As a result, both Chiquitta and her mom cried and felt disappointed, and that bad memory stuck with Chiquitta for a very long time.

For this reason, Chiquita decided to start her own event-planning business. With the promise of not allowing any child, or adult to feel discouraged or disappointed because they cannot find an affordable event planner that could fit their budget.

So it has become Chiquitta’s calling, passion, courage, and determination to help families fulfill their children’s dreams and put incredible smiles on their faces. The caring and commitment of Chiquitta ensuring that every child and adult dream comes to pass whether is a birthday, graduation, wedding, or baby shower, made her distinct from every other event planner. So, please leave your name, email, or contact number for a free 30-minute consultation and discovery in making your dreams come to pass.

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